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"DREAMS in Japan"
Tour 2022

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<New ALBUM>MAY 11, 2022

Dreams_digital cover_sml.jpg

3rd Full Album「Dreams」

2022/5/11 (Wed) Release


¥2,530 (税抜価格¥2,300)


1. Anima   

2. Go Through The Night

3. Shadow feat. hiyune from chilldspot

4. Witches   

5. Dreamlike 

6. Wings feat. Kaohsiung City Wind Orchestra

7. Happy but Sad   

8. Shadow feat. 9m88

9. Deities' Party feat. Chio Tian Folk Drums And Art Troupe   

10. Dear Humans -Japanese ver.-

11. Gaze At Blue -Album ver.-    

12. Fable    

13. Dream of You feat. Lin Sheng Xiang

live photos by chiaki machida from "DREAMS IN JAPAN" Tour 

live photos by takeshi yao from Fuji Rock Festival'22

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